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The study of the Philadelphia Chromosome has provided essential insights into the role of chromosome changes in cancer. The initial discovery of this abnormal chromosome and its association with chronic myeloid leukemia sparked the search for additional abnormalities that might consistently correlate with particular types of leukemia, lymphoma or other tumors.

-Janet Rowley, University of Chicago, in the Fox Chase Cancer Center publication, Special Edition

50th Anniversary of the Discovery
of the Philadelphia Chromosomeblood cell development

2010 marked the 50th anniversary of the publications by Peter C. Nowell and David A. Hungerford that announced the discovery of the Philadelphia Chromosome (Click photo to the right to enlarge). In recognition of this milestone, a daylong symposium took place to celebrate the discovery itself and its ongoing implications for science and medicine. The event will brought together scientists associated with the original discovery, including Peter Nowell, as well as some of the scientists who followed in their footsteps, with seminal studies of their own.

The discovery of the Philadelphia Chromosome took place in 1959 under a Fox Chase Cancer Center microscope and was the result of a collaboration between two scientists from both Fox Chase (then known as the Institute for Cancer Research) and the University of Pennsylvania. Read More.


Original Microscope