Pain and Palliative Care Program Receives Joint Commission Advanced Certification

In April, Fox Chase’s pain and palliative care program received its advanced certification from The Joint Commission. Fox Chase is one of only five facilities in the region that has achieved this certification, which recognizes inpatient programs that demonstrate exceptional patient- and family-centered interdisciplinary palliative care. The certification is the latest development in a decades-long quest to raise the profile of pain and palliative care. “Pain and palliative care is essential, specialty care. Every hospital needs to provide it through a skilled and compassionate, interdisciplinary team,” says Michael H. Levy, MD, PhD, vice chair of medical oncology, director of Fox Chase’s pain and palliative care program, chair of the NCCN Palliative Care Guidelines panel, and member of the Technical Advisory Panel for the first update of The Joint Commission’s palliative care standards.