Fox Chase Offers Robust Selection of Phase I and First-in-Human Compound Trials

Fox Chase is home to a highly active Phase I clinical trial program, which enrolls 150 to 200 patients into Phase I oncology trials annually. The program is bolstered by Fox Chase’s Protocol Support Laboratory, one of the only laboratories in the country dedicated specifically to fulfilling the biospecimen-based research objectives of protocols for Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trials and investigational studies.

The Center’s robust portfolio of Phase I trials includes about 15 trials of first-in-human compounds in any given year. “We have a lot of physicians who have an interest in early clinical drug development with the intent of finding new and improved therapies for all patients with cancer,” says Phase I program director Anthony Olszanski, MD, RPh. “Our investigators and research staff undergo extensive training and work with sponsors and the FDA to test these compounds, while ensuring the safety of the patient. Consistent with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, we feel that the best therapy a patient can get is often on a clinical trial. Our ultimate goal, for every patient, is to improve clinical outcomes.”

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