Fall 2015

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Developing Targeted and Immune Therapies for Colorectal Cancer Molecular Subtypes Wafik El-Deiry, MD, PhD, FACP, and colleagues from Fox Chase Cancer Center recently collaborated with Caris Life Sciences®, a biotechnology company headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to conduct three separate studies related to precision medicine, particularly in colorectal cancers. The findings were highlighted at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting. “There is exciting progress in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Understanding the impact of genetic mutations on the potential likelihood of response to new treatments helps pave the way for defining their optimal use,” says El-Deiry, deputy cancer center director for … Continue Reading »

Small-Molecule Compound Shows Promise for Treating Drug-Resistant Tumors

spheres-1-revA new compound called ONC201/TIC10 has entered clinical trials and may have the potential to treat various forms of drug-resistant cancers. Through a screen of an NCI chemical library, Wafik S. El-Deiry, MD, PhD, FACP, professor of medical oncology and deputy director for translational research at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and his colleagues discovered ONC201/TIC10. Continue Reading »

Sigurdson Elected to SSO Executive Council

Fox Chase Cancer Center surgeon Elin Sigurdson, MD, PhD, FACS, has been elected to the Executive Council of the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) for a three-year term. The council, which consists of 18 members, acts as the governing body and Board of Directors for the SSO, guiding the Society’s strategic direction and managing its affairs. Founded in 1940 as the James Ewing Society, the SSO marks its 75th anniversary this year as the premier organization for surgeons and health care providers dedicated to advancing and promoting the science, education, and practice of cancer surgery worldwide. The 2,800-member Society’s focus … Continue Reading »

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