Winter 2015

Asbestos Exposure May Be Required to Cause Mesothelioma—Even in Patients with Risk-Increasing Mutation

While mutations in the BAP1 gene are known to increase risk for mesothelioma, new findings by Fox Chase researcher Joseph R. Testa, PhD, and colleagues indicate that asbestos exposure is also generally necessary to develop the disease. In a study published in the August 15 issue of Cancer Research, the team exposed mice with and without BAP1 mutations to asbestos, and they also followed a group of unexposed mutated mice to see if they developed any cancers. By the end of the study, 73 percent of mutated mice exposed to asbestos had developed mesothelioma, compared to only 32 percent of … Continue Reading »

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American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Nurses Discuss ICU Delirium Prevention At the AACN Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy Innovation Conference in Philadelphia in September, four Fox Chase ICU nurses—Ashley Moyer, RN, BSN, Kaitlyn Gregory, RN, BSN, Allyson Lloret, RN, BSN, and Erin Longstreth-Papsun, RN, BSN, MSN, OCN —presented a project they developed to facilitate the prevention and early detection of ICU delirium. Fox Chase was one of seven Philadelphia hospitals selected for the CSI Academy, a 16-month nursing leadership and innovation training program designed to empower hospital-based staff nurses to be clinician leaders and change agents whose initiatives measurably improve patient outcomes and hospital bottom … Continue Reading »

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