At the Roundtable

Inflammation and Cancer Research

Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center discuss their lab’s focus on the role inflammation plays in the initiation and progression of cancer. Q: Dr. Rall, can you start by talking about your research? Glenn F. Rall, PhD: Fox Chase has a long history of understanding how “normal” processes work so that we can more fully capture what goes wrong in particular diseases, such as cancer. My current work is focused on understanding the cellular and organ contexts that dictate whether the host response is protective or damaging, which is key to developing antiinflammatory strategies for both solid tumors and brain … Continue Reading »

Pictured from left to right are Stephen M. Sykes, Sergei Grivennikov, Neil Johnson, James S. Duncan, and Glenn F. Rall.

On the Cutting Edge with New Principal Investigators

Attracting and cultivating talented early-career scientists has long been a hallmark of the culture at Fox Chase. Glenn F. Rall, associate chief academic officer and co-leader of the Immune Cell Development and Host Defense Program, sat down with four recently hired researchers — James S. Duncan, Sergei Grivennikov, Neil Johnson, and Stephen M. Sykes — to talk about what’s exciting at the bench. Continue Reading »

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