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    Robotic Salvage Prostatectomy: An Option for Men Whose Prostate Cancer has Returned after Initial Radiation Treatment

    by  • March 29, 2014 • Prostate Cancer, Robotic Surgery, Surgery

    Prostate cancer can be treated with either surgery or radiation therapy. For men who were initially treated with radiation therapy alone, prostate cancer can return in up to 40-50 percent of cases (Zelefsky et al). Prostate cancer recurrence after failed radiation treatment can significantly impact a patient’s quality of life and cause considerable morbidity...

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    Is Single Port Surgery Right for Me?

    by  • June 27, 2013 • Bladder Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Reconstructive Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Single Port Surgery, Surgery

    Advances in Minimally Invasive Surgery: Over the past twenty years, minimally invasive surgery has been successful in reducing the large scars associated with traditional surgery to a few scars less than one inch in length. As a result, our patients have experienced faster, easier recoveries with less pain and fewer complications.  During the past...

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    Partial nephrectomy may be a better treatment for kidney cancer

    by  • March 25, 2013 • Kidney Cancer, Robotic Surgery, Uncategorized

    The Perils of Kidney Wasting Surgery for Kidney Cancer: Why a partial nephrectomy is better than a total (radical) removal The broad application of cross sectional imaging has led to the incidental discovery of small renal masses (SRM) as the most common presentation for localized kidney cancer. Concurrent with this stage migration, technological efforts...

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    Adrenal Masses/Tumors Require a Thoughtful and Nuanced Approach

    by  • January 23, 2013 • Kidney Cancer, Robotic Surgery

    The adrenal glands are located in the area of the body known as the retroperitoneum, just above the kidneys.  These small paired organs serve a critical function in keeping the body’s physiological balance. Approximately 5 percent of individuals harbor tumors in their adrenal glands.  When these tumors are discovered on radiology scans performed for other...

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