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    Stacey Su, MD, is an attending surgeon specializing in treating patients with thoracic cancers.


    American Cancer Society Issues Guidelines Regarding Lung Cancer Screening

    by  • May 16, 2013 • Cancer Screening, Lung Cancer, Thoracic Cancer, Uncategorized

    Lung cancer remains the biggest killer among all cancers.  Unfortunately, by the time lung cancer leads to symptoms, the cancer is already in advanced stages about 75 percent of the time. But we can do more in the war against lung cancer.  In previous years, multiple studies evaluating the use of screening by chest...

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    Not all lung cancers are created equal: the clinical relevance of the new classification of lung adenocarcinoma

    by  • May 9, 2013 • Lung Cancer, Thoracic Cancer, Uncategorized

    Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths, and lung cancer survival remains by and large discouraging on account of the advanced stage in which most cancers are diagnosed. This is spite of technological advances in detection and treatment.  However not all lung cancers are equal.  The most common type of lung cancer...

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