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    Dr. Richard Bleicher is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgical Oncology and the Director of the Breast Fellowship Training Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. For appointment requests, please call 215-728-2570 or 215-728-2596.


    Two Pathologists, Three Opinions.

    by  • May 3, 2015 • Breast Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Treatment, Women's Cancer Center

    “He’s handsome.” “Are you kidding? He’s ugly.”  “That’s teal.” “Certainly not. That’s green.” “That song is beautiful.” “Good grief. It’s horrid.” What do these things have in common? They are subjective disagreements about things that are hard to categorize, can’t be quantified, and are judged simply based upon appearance. When you are given a...

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    A Sea of Pink

    by  • May 13, 2014 • Breast Cancer Treatment, Cancer Research, Special events, Women's Cancer Center

    A sea of pink people. That’s pretty much all you saw at this past Sunday’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to raise monies for breast cancer. Thousands of people: patients, survivors, families, nurses, doctors, friends, police, EMTs, advocates, volunteers, reporters, and so many others who are concerned. And in case you didn’t...

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    Breast MRI: A good study, but not everything we hoped for

    by  • January 16, 2014 • Breast Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Treatment, Women's Cancer Center

    There is probably no imaging study that is more controversial in the care of patients who have breast cancer or other breast problems than breast MRI, which has been around for 30 years. This imaging study is more sensitive than mammography and detects the size of cancers more accurately than other breast imaging. Sounds...

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    You Can Make A Difference

    by  • October 17, 2013 • Breast Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Treatment, Cancer Research

    It’s that time again: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A time for celebration and renewed interest in curing the disease. But, amidst all the headlines dominating healthcare today many people may not be aware that the future of research at academic health centers is in jeopardy. Although the headlines are justifiably focused on clinical care,...

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    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    by  • September 12, 2012 • Breast Cancer Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery

    While having too many options can be overwhelming at times, for a patient newly diagnosed with breast cancer, having a number of treatment options to choose from can be a good thing. Many women faced with breast cancer immediately assume that mastectomy may be the better option when compared with breast-conservation therapy (which includes...

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