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    Dr. Lori Goldstein is a medical oncologist specializing in treating patients with breast cancer. She is the Director of the Naomi and Phil Lippincott Breast Evaluation Center and Co-Leader of the Breast Cancer Clinical Research Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. To make an appointment with Dr. Goldstein, call 888-FOX CHASE.


    FDA Approves New Drug for Breast Cancer

    by  • February 26, 2013 • Breast Cancer Treatment, Clinical Trials, News, Scientific Research, Uncategorized

    About 20 percent of breast cancers have an increase in the amount of a protein called HER2.  HER2 is a protein involved in normal cell growth. It is found in increased amounts on some types of cancer cells (HER2-positive), including some breast cancers. In these HER2-positive breast cancers, the increased amount of the HER2...

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