• About Donna Piunt

    Donna Piunt is a Fox Chase melanoma survivor. She describes herself as a fun-loving, animated fifty-some-year-old woman determined to inspire, encourage and offer support to fellow melanoma warriors, as well as raise melanoma awareness world wide. She feels fortunate to be married to an amazing, loving and supportive husband. Donna is the mother of two beautiful and creative twenty-some-year-old daughters and has one sister and two brothers who serve as her support system. Donna has many wonderful and supportive girlfriends. The Piunt home has a mini-zoo that consists of two dogs (Shelties), two cats and a turtle which makes for an amusing life. Before being diagnosed with melanoma, Donna worked as a nanny, caring for an adorable toddler boy. She enjoys helping others and with her diagnosis with stage 3B Nodular melanoma on November 21, 2011, Donna launched a blog called The Cancer SPOT to offer support to fellow melanoma warriors as well as raise melanoma awareness. While working full-time, Donna earned her Associate's degree in Medical Billing and Coding on December 19, 2011, the day before her wide excision surgery at Fox Chase Cancer Center. After completing her treatment, Donna hopes to land a position utilizing her degree. She knows the future is uncertain, but is motivated to make a difference and live her life to the fullest.