• Banishing Fear after a Cancer Diagnosis

    by  • May 31, 2013 • Coping with Cancer, General Interest, Uncategorized

    Coping with Cancer magazine recently invited me to write an article on facing fear after a cancer diagnosis. In my role as Director of Psychiatry at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, I help patients and families confront cancer on a daily basis . While no one wants to be afraid, fear is a natural response to an unexpected situation. It helps to prepare you for the an uncertain future.

    A diagnosis of cancer often stirs up the worst fears a person can have – dying, leaving your spouse and children, being a burden to your family, etc. In my article, “Money for the Toll Road: Banishing Fear after a Cancer Diagnosis,” I delve into this topic and suggest coping mechanisms.

    If you have any questions about confronting a cancer diagnosis, or want to refer a patient, please contact the Department of Psychiatry at 215-214-3940.